The question a large number of Westerners would ask themselves is certainly: Is the bride price custom not a bane for the more keen fight for gender equal rights for girls? Although talking to a few elderly family, they offered a plethora of reasons why a few families nonetheless practice this bride price tradition. They will explained that must be part of their particular culture which there is nothing at all wrong in following this tailor made. One of them possibly went in terms of to say it can easily protect the girl child via getting into a relationship outside of the family. It is important to note that they likewise told me the bride’s friends and family will make sure the lady gets married to the proper man so that they will have someone to look after these people in the old age.

What I discovered interesting is usually that the traditional star of the wedding price culture is actually not very new. There seemed to be an article within an American web based article that talks about just how when a few comes to a traditional marriage bed they exchange gifts together. In some nationalities, if the bridegroom does not bring the right product to his bride they will not embark upon to have a marriage and in turn they will be thought to be “strangers” and will not be provided with the right to get married to. The new bride price is a further tradition which has been around for centuries in Nigeria. It is also interesting to note that a lot of of these traditions are practiced not merely by people but by the Lagos State government, which is why you will find only limited number of individuals practicing this in most of Lagos Status villages.

Most people have attempted to get the , the burkha to promote the bride-price way of life saying that it is an old custom made practiced by simply only a few people and it should no longer be allowed in Lagos state. Yet most of these traditionalists seem to be rather ignorant in terms of history and the real definition of marriage. Like all other cultures, it should be acknowledged that in certain cultures, the bride price are the price paid for the privilege of getting married to the person you love. Meaning that it is not only a price that is certainly to be paid for someone else’s wrong behavior. You must also not enforce something upon another and expect these to be offering it back. It is the responsibility of each individual to check out that the traditions is honored, whatever culture someone is attempting to practice in the area, you must respect this and make sure that your bride-to-be is treated rightly.